Introducing you to our Aesthetics Therapist, Karen

How much do you know about our amazing team here at Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic? We’d love to introduce you to Karen Short, our incredibly qualified Aesthetics Therapist! Karen works alongside Dr Raj and is an absolute superstar. In fact, Karen is so amazing at what she does, that clients travel across South Wales for her! 

Meet Karen Short, our Aesthetics Therapist

As well as 25 years of experience in Beauty and Aesthetics, Karen’s had an incredibly interesting life and is quite the jetsetter! Originally from Penarth, South Wales, Karen started her career in Cardiff, which is where she met her husband, who was a Captain in the US Army. Due to the nature of her husband’s work, so they’ve lived in various parts of the world including Germany and America. 

This has meant that throughout her career, Karen has worked with some of the biggest luxury beauty brands across the world such as Elizabeth Arden, Calvin Klein, Goody Hair, Max Factor & Lancôme.

Moving from Wales to Germany, Karen continued to work in the Beauty Industry for many years. Next, they moved to the States, where their little duo became a trio after their son, Gavin was born. Whilst in America, Karen worked as a Dental Assistant. They spent few years in America, before returning back to the UK. They chose to settle in Dorset where they would become a family of four and Gavin had a sister, Abigail. 

Karen had always been interested in the Beauty Industry, combined with her dental knowledge gained in America, she became intrigued by Aesthetic Skin Care. Her interest was particularly piqued after being introduced to Botox & Lip Fillers. Adding more strings to her bow, Karen trained in a range of Cosmetic Treatments and acquired accreditation and qualifications in a variety of specialist treatments. Now they were back in the UK, Karen decided to open not one, but two clinics in Poole, specialising in Beauty and Aesthetics!

How Karen Met Dr Raj 

A few years ago, Karen heard about an Aesthetics Doctor making waves in Cardiff who was offering completely non-invasive treatments that were achieving fantastic results using Radio-Frequency. This mystery Aesthetics Doctor was none other than our very own, Dr Raj! 

Curious about these new treatments and reports that Radio-Frequency treatments can relieve signs of ageing from just one session. Plus, keen to see if these new non-invasive treatments could correct her hyperpigmentation, Karen booked in with Dr Raj for a course of Morpheus8 by InModeMD. Karen was so impressed by both Dr Raj and Morpheus9, that she immediately began training as an Aesthetics InMode Therapist! 

As well as Morpheu8, Karen also specialises in another treatment from InModeMD: Fractora. This is a non-invasive radio-frequency treatment that offers a range of improvements on skin tone and texture, including acne scars.

Karen goes above and beyond for her clients; she is dedicated to not only helping them achieve a healthy glow, but she wants to boost self-confidence. She believes we all deserve to love the skin that we live in and if you feel good on the inside, it’ll shine through! 

Returning to her Welsh Roots

As word got around about Karen and these revolutionary Cosmetic Treatments, she was still living in Poole but commuting to Cardiff every week to take care of her patients. However, word continued to spread, and Karen found herself spending more time in Cardiff than in Dorset. So, after 25 years in Poole, raising her two children and two clinics, Karen and her husband relocated once more, settling in Pontcanna! 

We hoped you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about our wonderful Aesthetics Therapist, Karen. She’s absolutely fabulous and we’re so pleased that she’s part of our team here at Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic! 

If you would like to book in a session with Karen, or find out more information about any of the Cosmetic Treatments that we have on offer here at Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic, please fill out this form.