Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic: expertise that you can rely on

Did you know that our superstar Aesthetics Practitioner, Dr Raj isn’t only at the forefront of Aesthetics Medicine here in Wales, he’s also a trained and practising GP? Combined with Dr Raj’s medical background is our Aesthetics Therapist, Karen Short, who has over 25 years of experience working in the beauty industry! 

Meet DR.Raj, our superstar Aesthetics Practitioner

Our team has an incredible amount of expertise and a wealth of knowledge in beauty and aesthetics. In fact, Dr Raj is the first Aesthetics doctor to offer state-of-the-art Radio-Frequency anti-ageing treatments in Cardiff. You’ll often see the doctors of Harley Street in the pages of newspapers and magazines, but thanks to Dr Raj, you can achieve the same fantastic results without the expense and hassle of a trip to London!

Always ahead of the curve, Dr Raj has recently invested in a brand-new treatment that is now available at Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic, Biodermogenesi; offering a revolutionary approach to the removal of stretch marks and scars. Targeting the deeper, underlying skin cells, Biodermogenesi isn’t only an aesthetic treatment but fixes stretch marks and scars at the cellular level. 

We all deserve to feel good in the skin we live in and Dr Raj believes in the life-changing results of non-invasive treatments such as Morpheus8 and the boost in confidence it provides. Always on the look-out for new initiatives and latest technology, Dr Raj invests in the future to ensure you can love the skin you live in with no barriers to your confidence and self-esteem. In particular, treatments such as Morpheus8 are incredibly trendy right now, not only for their long-lasting effects, non-invasive technology and confidence boost, but also thanks to the impact they’re having on our customer’s self-esteem! 

Don’t just take our word for it

One of our very happy clients, Karen Robinson, described how just one Morpheus8 treatment left her feeling like she’d just been on holiday! It’s no wonder that Hollywood stars such as Paula Abdul are Brand Ambassadors for the life-changing treatment.

We all need reassurance and to trust our practitioners, whether we’re having a small treatment or a more intense process. If you’ve been thinking about having treatment and you’re struggling to choose a clinic, take a look at our client reviews, photos and book a consultation to talk through your concerns. Here at Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic, we’re here to help you love the skin you live in!

Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic has re-opened and Dr Raj and Karen Short, our Aesthetics Therapist, both have re-opened their diaries. Why not book in for your free consultation today?