Stretch Marks

For many of us, stretch marks are an extremely common problem. They’re often caused by the rapid stretching of the skin, usually from sudden growth such as during pregnancy and weight gain. Although, some of us will be affected during puberty and can appear due to hormonal changes and the use of certain drugs, such as steroids. 

Stretch marks are a form of scarring that occurs due to the disruption of the underlying dermis. Whilst they can appear on almost any part of the body, they are most commonly found on the stomach/abdomen, breasts and upper thighs. Initially they’ll appear in a reddish-purple colour that will fade to a pale scar as it matures. Many stretch marks will fade significantly but they will rarely disappear completely.


A revolutionary approach to the removal of Stretch marks and scars at Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic! 

Always ahead of the curve, our team has recently invested in a brand-new treatment that is now on offer at Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic: Biodermogenesi! Offering a revolutionary approach to the removal of stretch marks and scars, Dr Raj has worked hard to bring Biodermogenesi to Wales! 

Biodermogenesi is a non-invasive treatment for skin regeneration, with no side effects and no downtime! It utilises a never-used-before combination of electromagnetic field with electrostimulation and vacuum suction to treat scarring. It regenerates the matrix of our skin by reorganising its structure and targeting the deeper levels of the skin. By invigorating collagen, elastic fibres and cell mitosis combined with an increase in hydration and the normalization of pH, Biodermogenesi helps to create new, tighter skin cells to replace the old, damaged cells. As well as a reduction of fibrosis and inflammation!

Research has revealed that the results achieved with Biodermogenesi last for years after treatment, not only achieving an aesthetic result but also eliminates stretch marks at the deeper underlying skin level. As you go through your course of Biodermogenesi sessions, melanocyte cells (the cells that produce colour in our skin), will regain their ability to produce colour and as a result, the skin where stretch marks are will match the colour of your skin again! 

This ground-breaking treatment has no side effects, is available on all skin types and has absolutely no downtime! Why not book in for a Biodermogenesi consultation and discover the life-changing results for yourself?


A Personalised plan just for you

At the heart of our team here at Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic is Dr Raj, at the forefront of aesthetic medicine, he has been working hard to bring the Hollywood treatments of Harley Street to Wales! Our team will work with you to create a tailor-made plan especially for you, based on our initial consultation. We are dedicated to giving you a natural looking end result that exceeds your expectations and helps you to love the skin you live in! 

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