Skin Tag & Mole Removal

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time
20-30 minutes
Back to work
Within 24 Hours
Full recovery
14 days
Duration of results
One treatment
Risks & complications
Swelling, scarring, pigmentation

Our mole removal procedure uses a cutting-edge medical device known as Plexr to remove your mole or skin tag gently and effectively with very little or no pain. It’s non-surgical, quick and doesn’t require downtime, allowing you to get back to your regular day straight after. Treatment is done by experienced medical professionals who remove lesions on the face or body for healthier, smoother and clearer skin, leaving you glowing with confidence. 

What is Plexr?

Plexr is a wireless handheld device that resembles a pen with a small, electrified pin at the tip. It's developed by GMV, a leading manufacturer of non-invasive medical devices that coined the industry term “soft surgery”. Plexr delivers surgical results without going under the knife -  it’s simple, low risk and can be done during your lunch break since there’s no downtime. Thanks to Plexr, it’s never been easier to get rid of moles and skin tags!

How does Plexr mole removal work?

Plexr uses innovative technology that’s setting a new, exciting standard in aesthetic medicine. It’s powered by plasma energy generated between the pin of the device and the skin to create a spark. This heats the skin and instantly vapourises moles and skin tags without causing scarring, bleeding or pigmentation. Essentially, Plexr turns solid tissue, like a lesion, into gas when heated. So your mole or skin tag literally vanishes into thin air!

What are the benefits?

With the latest technology powering Plexr, your moles or skin tags are immediately eradicated - all it takes is one treatment session. It’s convenient, precise and delivers incredible results. Plexr doesn’t cause wounds, you won’t require stitches, and it is a great alternative to traditional methods that use scalpels to remove these imperfections. It’s so gentle that the recovery process simply involves mild swelling and a scab forming over the treatment area, which falls off after a few weeks when new, healthy skin grows in place of the mole or skin tag. 

What is a Mole?

Moles are growths on our skin that are usually brown or black, and they can appear anywhere on the skin, sometimes alone and sometimes in groups. Moles most often appear in early childhood and during the first 25 years of our lives. As we grow older, moles will usually slowly change, sometimes changing colour or becoming raised. 

What causes a Mole?

Moles are caused by the cells in our skin growing in a cluster instead of being spread out throughout the skin. These cells, melanocytes, are what makes up the pigment that gives our skin its colour. Moles may darken after sun exposure, throughout our teen years and during pregnancy.

What are the different types of moles?

There are different types of moles. Moles that we are born with are called congenital nevi. These will appear for about 1 in 100 people and are slightly more likely to develop into melanoma and become cancerous than moles that appear after birth. A mole or freckle should always be checked if its diameter is more than 0.5cm (about the eraser's size on the end of the pencil) or has any of the characteristics of melanoma. 

Moles that are generally larger than average, about 0.5cm and irregular in shape, are called dysplastic nevi. These kinds of moles tend to have uneven colouring with dark brown centres and lighter, jagged edges. Dysplastic nevi are somewhat more likely to become melanoma.

Whether your mole is congenital or dysplastic, any changes in a mole should be checked by your GP or a dermatologist to assess skin cancer.

How many treatments do I need?

Results are immediate - so you will enjoy clearer, healthier skin in no time.

How long do results last?

Removing cosmetic moles or skin tags brings about permanent results.

What parts of the body/ what areas can Plexr be used on?

Plexr for mole removal can be used anywhere on the face and body. It’s a safe, non-invasive treatment that’s commonly used around the eyes, ears, back, legs and arms.

Is there any aftercare following Plexr treatments?

The treatment area will be sensitive and may swell after the mole or skin tag is removed. As a result, it needs to be protected from sunlight for the next two months with a high factor sunscreen (It shouldn’t be lower than SPF30).

Is downtime required after the treatment?

There is no downtime required, and you can get back to your regular day with relatively minimal pain or discomfort.

Are there any risks?

It’s a low-risk procedure that doesn't require general anaesthetic or stitches. The only complications to be aware of is hyperpigmentation (skin darkening) or hypopigmentation (skin lightening) of the treatment area. However, due to the gentle nature of Plexr, these complications are extremely rare. 



Treatment Price
£250 per mole