Mole Removal

Mole Removal

If you have a mole, skin tag or wart that you feel self-conscious about for cosmetic or convenience reasons (e.g. perhaps you regularly cut it while you're shaving), we can remove these for you using the method that we feel will yield the most superior cosmetic results. This is a simple and safe procedure when performed by an experienced doctor.

At Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic, moles are only removed for cosmetic reasons. Should a lesion be in any way worrying you, please book an appointment with your GP in the first instance. Worrying signs include sudden growth or  change in a pre-existing lesion, a lesion which is asymmetrical, larger than 5mm diameter, with irregular borders and abnormally pigmented (i.e. two or more colours to it). Other signs, such a bleeding and itching, are suspicious too If we feel that a lesion looks suspicious, it will not be removed and you will be referred to the appropriate specialist.


The benefits of Mole Removal & Mole Checking in Cardiff

Many people are self-conscious about the moles they have on their face and body. By choosing Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic to remove a mole, skin tag or wart, you can be sure of achieving the most superior cosmetic results.

We offer a range of removal procedures, outlined below, and will discuss with you which is the most appropriate method of mole removal at your initial consultation. Each procedure is relatively quick and painless, offering a stress-free solution to a problem that may have bothered you for years.


Type of Mole Removal & Mole Checking in Cardiff

The technique used to remove a mole, skin tag or wart will depend on the depth of the lesion and the desiredcosmetic outcome. Methods generally involve the administration of a small amount of local anaesthetic, and then depending on the size, nature, shape and location of the lesion, it can either be shaved off and cauterised, or surgically excised and the wound closed with stitches.

The procedure is relatively quick and painless, and can be done on the same day. Possible side-effects are rare, but immediate side-effects include mild pain when the local anaesthetic wears off (usually in two to three hours), redness, itching, infection, swelling or bruising long-term. The lesion may come back and                   scarring may form, in which case we strongly recommend that all lesions are examined histologically. We will send off the sample to the laboratory on your behalf and you will then be invoiced separately by the lab for this cost. Follow-up and removal of stitches at the Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic after the procedure is included.

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