Our Medical Skin Care Range

Here at Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic, we have curated a selection of the most effective medical skincare ranges available in the UK; utilising the highest-quality dermo-cosmetic active agents as well as the latest technology to rejuvenate your skin. As specialists in Facial Aesthetics, we don’t only care about your skin’s appearance but also about your skin’s health.

A skincare routine created just for you

Take a look below at some of the med skincare ranges that we stock here in Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic. If you would like to purchase any products, you can find our full range of products on sale in the Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic Shop

Plus, to ensure that you’re matched with products that suit your needs and help you love the skin you live in, you’ll benefit from a personal, virtual consultation with our Aesthetics Doctor, Dr Raj!

Amalian Skin Care 

In the Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic shop, we have two of the most popular products in the incredible Amalian Skin Care range on sale: Amalian Lashes and Amalian Hair Booster.  

The Amalian Skin Care range is completely allergenic and doesn’t include any parabens, artificial fragrances, making the range suitable for highly sensitive, allergy-prone skin. Plus, Amalian products have such high efficiency, you can apply sparingly.  


Hyaluronic acid is one of the most useful and deeply penetrating ingredients used in medical skincare, Swedish cosmeceutical brand, CLINICCARE, utilises this to create a range of hydrating and plumping skincare. 

Every product in their skincare range contains hyaluronic acid as a key component to treat many skin conditions from acne to ageing. 

Obagi Skin Care 

Obagi have over 30 years of clinically proven results, creating a skincare range that promotes skin health. Their range tackles a variety of everyday challenges, from acne, wrinkles to dark spots or pigmentation, whilst making the skin look fresh and healthy. 

With various skincare products for different needs, the Obagi range has something for everyone's unique skin needs. 

Tebiskin Skin Care 

Tebiskin is an incredibly useful medical skincare range that can only be prescribed by a professional. Their innovative skincare range has been developed to optimise the condition and activity of skin cells. By targeting fibroblasts to optimise the fibre matrix and keratinocytes, they boost the condition of the skin and the look and feel. 

Tebiskin supports the integrity of your skin immunity, protecting your skin from attack by foreign bodies, as well as reducing sun damage and ageing. 

Terproline Skin Care 

Terproline is only available from accredited stockists, like Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic. The Terproline range is much more concentrated than standard creams and is intended for pre/post-cosmetic procedures, such as laser treatment or peels. It can also be used for speeding up the recovery from surgery or injury, as it was developed in burn units and dramatically improved the look and texture of scarring. 

Terproline works by flattening your scars and increasing the elasticity of your skin to allow scars to blend into your normal skin, making them less visible. 


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