Excessive Sweating Treatments Men


Men are increasingly asking for anti-sweat procedures using BOTOX® to freeze the sweat glands and stop perspiration. For many men, hyperhidrosis adds an extra level of stress to the daily commute, meetings and their personal and working relationships. Botox offers a practical, cost effective solution and produces excellent results.

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) is a very common condition, which has two main types. Focal hyperhidrosis is the more common type and involves excessive sweating on the feet, hands, armpits and occasionally, the face. Generalised hyperhidrosis is less common.

Excessive sweating affects about 4% of the western population; it often interferes with the individual's life by causing physiological problems, such as cold and clammy hands, dehydration, and skin infections secondary to maceration of the skin, as well as emotional consequences due to embarrassment, limiting daily activities, interfering with  interpersonal relationships, necessitating frequent changes of clothes, etc.

At Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic, we are completely focused on you as an individual and will always strive to give you a natural-looking end result that exceeds your expectations and makes you feel confident about your appearance.


The benefits of BOTOX® Injections

Treatment for hyperhidrosis by Botulinum Toxin can offer a life-changing solution for patients. By injecting low doses of BOTOX® into the underarm, for example, it can reduce the transition of impulses and thus sweating activity by temporarily blocking the nerves that stimulate sweating for three to eight months.

BOTOX® injections offer a safe, approved and non-surgical solution to the treatment of wrinkles. BOTOX® is a  temporary solution and its effects are fully reversible. Botox injections are quick and convenient to administer                 (typically taking 20 minutes).


Type of BOTOX® injections

We use BOTOX® Cosmetic injections by Allergan in all of our BOTOX® treatments. BOTOX® is a purified protein and the injections  are an extremely safe procedure. These injections use a fine needle and a small dose of BOTOX®, which is injected into a targeted area of muscle or muscle groups to cause temporary muscle relaxation. The actual  procedure will take just five to ten minutes and involves a small number of injections.


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