CMSlim is the ultimate body contouring treatment that builds muscle while you relax

Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic stays at the forefront of groundbreaking aesthetic and functional treatments so you can feel confident, healthy and radiant from head to toe - this is why we have introduced the cutting-edge, award-winning CMSlim to our treatment range. It is powered by electromagnetic energy to burn fat and build muscle while you relax, leaving your body sculpted, strengthened, lifted and toned without needing any exercise. 

More impressively, it is the first body shaping treatment to address muscle laxity and is suitable for patients of varying sizes, including those with a BMI of 18-25. 

So if you struggle to build muscle, are unable to go to the gym because of an injury or do not have the time (or desire) to exercise, then CMSlim may be the perfect option to get your body slimmer, trimmer and in shape. It is ideal for whole-body firming and targets fat and loose skin on your arms, stomach, thighs, calves and buttocks without pain or downtime. 

If this sounds like your dream treatment, read on to find out more.

Replicates intensive exercise with 30 000 muscle contractions per session

CMSlim is a non-invasive and clinically proven High-Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Training (HI-EMT) procedure that penetrates and stimulates the deepest core muscles. It triggers thousands of muscle contractions to release free fatty acids, which break down localised fatty deposits. The result is a new and improved body with enhanced definition, tone and endurance. 



It is so effective that you can see improvements from the first session, but results are cumulative, and improved strength and definition will be seen over the course of treatments. The recommended number of sessions is an intense course of 6 at 30 minutes each, two to three times a week. However, ongoing treatments are also advised for lasting results. For this, we at Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic will create a tailored treatment plan so you can maintain your incredible results. 

During each treatment session, your muscles maintain a contracted state for several seconds at a time, and this is equivalent to 30 000 sit-ups, crunches or squats. What's more, studies show that with repeated treatments, average muscle mass increases by 18% and localised fat is reduced by 21%. 


CMSlim HIPEX chair for a stronger pelvic floor

cmslimBesides looking and feeling great, CMSlim also provides relief for all types of incontinence without downtime or pain. It incorporates the HIPEX (High-Intensity Pelvic Exercise) chair, which harnesses electromagnetic energy to target the entire pelvic floor and contracts pelvic muscles thousands of times per session with 10 intensity levels. The treatment is non-invasive and hands-free with major benefits, including strengthening weak pelvic muscles, restoring control of the pelvic floor and improving bladder function. 


Your dream body with a no sweat workout 

CMSlim makes it possible to lie down and build a six-pack or get that perfect butt lift without doing a single squat. And because your muscles are working even though you are not, you will still feel the same ‘stiffness’ after the treatment as you would after an intense gym session. 

What’s more, stronger and more toned muscles have physical benefits too. For example, those treating their abs will eventually have a stronger core, which can help reduce or eliminate lower back pain, and those targeting the butt will activate the gluteal muscles, making it easier to exercise and play sports. Overall, CMSlim can rectify any muscle imbalances through strength training while improving the overall aesthetic symmetry of the body.


So if it’s time to turn your fat into muscle or strengthen your pelvic floor, Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic can make this a reality with our new body contouring treatment. Discover how CMSlim can help you by setting up a zero fee consultation with our reputable Aesthetics Doctor, Dr Raj on 07973 232444 or the clinic’s leading Aesthetics Therapist Karen on 07516 997053.