Horizontal Brow Lines

Horizontal Brow Lines

Horizontal brow lines (also known as 'Horizontal Forehead Lines' or 'Surprise Lines') are the transverse, long lines that run across the forehead. These may result from normal animation or expression. Also they appear when raising the eye brows in surprise or during times of stress.

Horizontal brow lines deepen with age and eventually become apparent even when the face is relaxed. The muscle  involved here is only one, the Frontalis muscle and it is the sole elevator of the eyebrow. Using BOTOX® one can relax  the muscle sufficiently to reduce and usually eliminate these age defining wrinkles.


The benefits of BOTOX® injections for the treatment of Horizontal Brow Lines

BOTOX® is usually the best solution for these lines because it works by weakening or relaxing the muscles so that the lines soften and ideally disappear.

BOTOX® injections offer a safe, approved and non-surgical solution to the treatment and management of horizontal brow lines.

The effects of BOTOX® are fully reversible. Although its full benefit may not be seen for several days after a treatment, the effects of BOTOX® typically last for about five months.