Chemical Brow Lift

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time
15-20 minutes
Not Required
Back to work
Full recovery
1 day
Duration of results
3-4 months
One treatment every 4-6 months
Risks & complications
Infection, bruise, drooping brow, blurred vision, allergic reactions

The brow lift literally raises the skin tissues surrounding the eyes and eyebrows, so that the natural eyebrow arch is a few millimetres higher. It tends to leave the eyes looking wider and more youthful.

A lateral brow lift is a procedure that can be very effective for people with mild to moderate brow heaviness. This is normally due to naturally-dropping eyelids or low-hanging eyebrows. As a result, people often state they look tired or washed out.

A lateral brow lift with BOTOX® (also known as a 'chemical lift') offers a non-invasive alternative to surgery and is an increasingly popular anti-ageing procedure for men and women.

The benefits of BOTOX® injections for a Chemical Brow Lift

The lateral brow lift works by using BOTOX® to selectively relax some of the muscles surrounding your eye, thereby changing the dynamic balance among facial muscles pulling in different directions. BOTOX® is injected  into two or three muscles that usually pull the brow down; by weakening these muscles, a lift in appearance is achieved. By selectively weakening parts of the frontalis (brow) muscle, the lines across the forehead are also softened.

Although a lateral brow lift can be achieved through cosmetic surgery, BOTOX® injections offer a safe, approved and non-invasive alternative. BOTOX® is a temporary solution and its effects are fully reversible. Although its full  benefit may not be seen for several days after a treatment, the effects of Botox typically last for about four to six months.



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