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Treatment Crows feet
Patient Diane Forter
Loved it, simple, painless and quick and the results were better than expected.
Dr Raj Aggarwal
Tel: 0800 689 1111
The City Surgery Cardiff
CF24 3WD

Specialising in Facial Aesthetics

Cardiff's Premier Non-Surgical Cosmetic Injectable Clinic based in City Road Surgery, City Road, Cardiff, South Wales, UK. Offering a range of Anti Wrinkle Treatments, including Dermal fillers for anti wrinkle and anti ageing treatment that works miracles. Remove signs of ageing and get rid of wrinkles with advanced and non surgical anti wrinkle treatments. Wrinkle reduction injections and dermal fillrs to get rid of wrinkles on face, eyes and forehead. Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic delivering Cosmetic Injecatbles resposibly by Qualifed & Experienced Professionals.
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